We specialize in clean and fresh laundry, every day again...

Let us take care of your clothes and textiles. Our professional washing and drying machines will make them feel like new again!

Your mum couldn’t do it better!

welcome to laundry like home

Are you tired of getting your clothes ruined or getting back the wrong ones? You want to have laudry done like mum? The solution is LAUNDRY LIKE HOME!

Laundry Like Home is a professional laundry shop in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We strive to give the best service to our clients by cleaning all cloths and textiles with our professional washing and drying machines. The shop is managed by Europeans who work together with friendly Cambodian staff. Laundry Like Home has a wide range of clients, from local NGO’s, hotels, guesthouses to individual tourists and ex-pats living in Siem Reap. Also Cambodians found the way to our laundry shop.

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laundry like home price list

24 h service

  • Get your laundry back in 24 hours
  • Wash, dry and fold $2/kg
  • Wash, dry, iron and fold $3/kg
  • Pick-Up $1 / Delivery $1

same day delivery

  • Give us before 10AM and get your laundry back at 6:30PM
  • Wash, dry and fold $2.75/kg
  • No iron
  • Pick-Up $1 / Delivery $1

express service

  • Get your laundry back in 5 hours
  • Wash, dry and fold $4/kg
  • No iron
  • Pick-Up $1 / Delivery $1

please Note that are business hours are between 7am and 7pm, pick-up or delivery after 7pm is not possible