our services

Our laundry service contains three steps. First we wash your clothes with our professional machines, after that they are dried in our European dryers, then our friendly staf will fold and/or iron them on request of the customer.


You have a silk dress or shirt? No problem. Your clothes will be washed with LG professional machines. These are equipped with several programs to handle all kind of fabrics. We have programs for silk, wool, bed sheets, towels, even baby care to keep the clothes of your baby very soft. We also have a hand-wash program so that your special clothes will be treated with special care.

Cold wash, spin cycle and degrees are selected with each program but can be adjusted manually to make sure your clothes are washed in the right way. Beside washing powder, we also use liquid softener to prevent static cling and to make your clothes softer. By using softener the quality and colour of your clothes will be maintained.


Our shop is equipped with Electrolux drying machines. We opted for a European brand so that we can offer the best service to our customers and their clothes. Like the washing machines, also the dryers have special programs which can be switched on and off depending on the fabric to dry. Our dryers are ideal to give that extra soft feeling to your towels and bed sheets.

Don’t hesitate to bring your clothes during rainy season. Due to our dryers, we have no problem to get them dry.


Our well-trained and friendly staff welcomes you and is waiting to iron your clothes to perfection. They got a professional training in ironing and pay special attention to the ironing of shirts and trousers.

We use European brand irons and distilled water so that no stains will appear on your clothes. Any kid of textile can be ironed by our staff and will be treated with caution.

got bed bugs?

Bedbugs don’t die, with a normal washing program.

Laundry like home has the right machines and the chemicals.

Only a mix from color bleach, laundry detergent, alkaline and liquid sour and high temperature will do the job. For 3$/Kg we make your clothes bedbug free.

For pick up and delivery please call or send a text message to 012 300 851.  You can call us between 7am and 6:30pm.
Don’t send us email about pick up and delivery.  We might not see your email in time!

  • Call or SMS to 012 300 851
  • Give us your name, location (hotel & room number), the time you want us to pick up your laundry.
  • Our staff will pick up your laundry
  • Your hotel staff will inform you when we arrive, so you can meet us at the front desk
  • Your laundry will be delivered 24h later (we also have express service)
  • Pay upon delivery